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My First Post

This is the founding line of my blog.


Some text on a page. The beginning of a new chapter. The startup phase of a one-person endeavor…

Well, let’s think about that. It may be my blog, and I’m one person, but rarely is anything completed or even begun alone. My wife, kids, and friends have all helped me get the blog designed and published. Thank you!

Before I ever put pen to digital paper, I did my research. I went to a bunch of different blogs to see how they started. I rooted around and scrolled through until I found their first post. It was so helpful to see that they all started with one line, and then two, and then a first post, and then a second. The amazing part was the stacking of the bricks into some very fascinating and valuable creations.

It’s hard to start something new. To be a founder. Interesting that word: founder. When we see founder or co-founder listed in a bio, we know that the person was the creator or co-creator of a new company, venture, or not-for-profit organization. We think about the creation of a new thing. But consider it for a moment longer. Found-er. The person found something.

Perhaps starting something new, anything, is really the act of discovering what has been there all along.

This blog is like that, for me at least. I hope to write to my kids about life, about making decisions and money and careers and exploring the world— about the need to love each other. I suppose I know that in so doing I will discover some things about myself and the world around me.

There you go, the first post. It took a lot longer to think about than it did to actually write. Creating can be like that. But no matter what you decide to start, jump in! The world needs your voice.

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