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Second Post

What’s up with the titles to these posts?

As I mentioned in my First Post, founding things can be hard. To get myself over the hump of publishing this blog, I came up with the simple idea of writing the first three posts with no title. I am not sure why that helped me, but it did.

When navigating the maze of a new venture, one’s feet can become like wet cement. The brain processes the various avenues, each one containing the potential to either take you through to the other side…or a dead end.

When posed with these riddles, I try to incorporate a simple set of three choices, all of which lead to some form of success. The goal is not to complete the maze, but rather to get my brain beyond the analysis of the puzzle and on to the action phase.

By creating an artificial set of first steps, I can be confident moving forward because I know the result of getting it wrong is manageable. Plus, the momentum created from taking action and getting unstuck generally propels me pretty far.

Why three questions? Not four or 400? I have found that in design, the power of three is substantial. When reviewing three website designs or three colors of paint for your new home, for example, your brain has enough choice to feel like it is evaluating sufficient variety, yet not overwhelmed by the options. So, when I find myself paused on pretty much anything, I create three options or simple tasks to begin.

At this point you may be thinking, “This dude is writing this post entirely for himself.” You would be mostly correct on that point. However, if this three-set starter post idea produces momentum for me to launch my blog, then perhaps some posts in the future will be of value to you.

And if nothing else, the concept of using three choices or three simple tasks to get you started on something new could be of real benefit to you in many areas.

There you go, my Second Post. Now I do have a bit more of an idea for post three so let’s see where that takes us…

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