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Third Post

At one point in my career I wanted to learn about blogging and so I chose to do an experiment.

I decided to begin a blog and write once a week for two years and then stop. My concept was to learn about the tools to create and manage a blog, to experience what it was like to publish my writing weekly, and to gain an understanding as to how traffic builds and is measured. I knew a bonus would be that I would learn something about myself in the process, mainly to find out if I enjoyed writing.

It was a wonderful experience and I kept the blog running for about three years. The audience grew each month while I purposefully didn’t do any formal marketing or spend any money to promote it. I wrote mostly about things like how to motivate yourself, how to design things well, company culture, overcoming obstacles, and what it was like to start a software company and grow it through an Initial Public Offering.

As the blog was becoming more popular, I noticed something inside of me began to change ever so slightly. I began to pay attention to the traffic metrics. I began to desire the steady increase in traffic. How this may have changed my writing, I am not quite sure, but I just had this sense that I cared a little too much about the traffic. So, I decided that I had gained all that I wanted from the experiment and I stopped writing.

That was about three years ago. In the time since, I’ve missed writing.

For the past two years I have been thinking about creating this blog, Platform for Good. I recently had an amazing experience and it ignited the passion in me once again, and I began writing.

And here we are.

What was it that stirred me? Let’s go on to Post Four, or perhaps the first properly titled post of my blog…

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