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Introducing The Shawn Jenkins Podcast – SaaS Telemedicine, High Growth Periods, and Contracts

Welcome to the very first episode of The Shawn Jenkins Podcast, a podcast on how to build and grow software and cloud companies. As I was building my software company, I craved behind-the-scenes, real-world examples of how founders and leaders built their companies. I wanted to hear how they made decisions, overcame obstacles, survive difficult times, and went on to sustained growth.

On my podcast, we will have conversations with leaders who are in the midst of growing their software and cloud businesses. We will hear their stories, dig deep into difficult challenges, work through complex decisions, and explore ways to celebrate successes. In our very first episode, we are thrilled to share a conversation that I had recently with the cofounders of an amazing cloud-based telemedicine company.

In this episode of The Shawn Jenkins Podcast, we look at questions such as: Is it possible to use customer contracts to provide funding for your startup? What happens when your steady growth rate explodes due to a global pandemic?

Brandon Welch and Dylan Turner, co-founders of the amazing cloud-based telemedicine company, joined us in Charleston, SC, to discuss what it’s like riding a rocket ship of growth. As the coronavirus crisis surges demand for doctors to safely and securely hold virtual consults with their patients, faces unique scaling challenges and discuss what it’s like to have their daily user count increase 1,000X in a week. “Mike Tyson said, ‘All plans go out the window when you get popped in the nose.’ That’s kind of how it feels.”

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