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How to Build a Micro SaaS Business Inside a Partner Ecosystem

Welcome to the Shawn Jenkins Podcast, a podcast on how to build and grow software and cloud companies. As I was building my software company, I craved behind-the-scenes, real-world examples of how founders and leaders built their companies. I wanted to hear how they made decisions, overcame obstacles, survived difficult times, and went on to sustained growth.

On my podcast, we will have conversations with leaders who are in the midst of growing their software and cloud businesses. We will hear their stories, dig deep into difficult challenges, work through complex decisions, and explore ways to celebrate successes. In this episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Dan Currin (@DanCurrin), the cofounder of OrgChartHub.

Dan and I discuss his business model of building applications inside a partner ecosystem. In his case, that partner is HubSpot. We get into the advantages provided by this model and the opportunities to rapidly get up and running with your business. We also discussed the limitations of being in one ecosystem.

Those limitations, however, do not seem to be stopping Dan from building the company and lifestyle he loves. I found this conversation refreshing, insightful, and a sign of a new wave of micro SaaS businesses to come.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dan, and if you have questions that you would like to hear covered in future episodes, please email me at Thanks and enjoy.

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