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BiblioLabs Cofounder and CEO Mitchell Davis on Disrupting Industries, Designing the Future

Welcome to The Shawn Jenkins Podcast. In this episode, we talked to Mitchell Davis (LinkedIn). Mitchell is someone I’ve always admired. Mitchell and his team at his first company, BookSurge, created the world’s first integrated publishing services and manufacturing system for print-on-demand books.

Mitchell sold his company to Amazon in 2005, and then he went on to work for them in a senior management position for several years and grew it into what is now known as CreateSpace.

After leaving Amazon, he got back together with his original founding team and created a new company, BiblioLabs, in 2008, and they’re now disrupting the library and independent publishing industries in a completely new way.

Mitchell is also a great supporter of the tech scene here in Charleston. He’s on the board at the Charleston Digital Corridor and he and Ernest over there have created a program called How a Software Company Works, which helps middle and high schoolers better understand all the different job opportunities in the software world.

In our conversation, we cover the origins of print-on-demand, engineering serendipity, analyzing change cost for buyer adoption, how ideas evolve into businesses, simplifying UX for elegant user experiences, and so much more.

Stay tuned for our final episode of the first season in which our producer, Jacob Cleveland, will interview me on what we’ve learned in starting and recording the past 10 episodes, how we got it out into the market, and more. If you have any questions you’d like Jacob to ask me, shoot him a message on LinkedIn here.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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