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What I Learned Making A Podcast – The Shawn Jenkins Podcast Season 1 Recap

Welcome to The Shawn Jenkins Podcast. This episode marks the end of our first season, so Shawn and executive producer Jacob Cleveland sit down and reflect on the past 10 episodes. We dive into the origin of the podcast, Shawn’s advice to anyone considering starting a podcast of their own, and a ton of other great topics, such as:

  • the link between emotions, asking good questions, and product development;
  • how to nurture and retain curiosity; and
  • how to ask more intentional questions.

Shawn also offers some great advice to CS students, and we answer a few listener questions as well.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and make sure to check out the show notes for a few book recommendations from Shawn as well as a list of recommended podcasting gear.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Show Notes:

Book recommendations 

Podcast Gear

Charleston Digital Corridor

Shawn’s LinkedIn

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